Zao Swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand created in 2014

Our pieces are handmade with love, always supporting fair trade! 

We focus on our workers making sure they are respected by offering fair wages, as well as appropriate and safe facilities. 

Our Design Philosophy is to create timeless elegant pieces yet undeniably sexy!



Born in Mexico City, Paulina Camizao now makes Vancouver and Cancun home where the label design and operations are based.

Paulina obtained her fashion degree at LaSalle College and right after graduation she created her own swimwear label. "It all started as a passions of mine, designing pieces that I would love to wear and I could not find anywhere else. I was looking for the perfect piece that would speak to me, something sexy but at the same time feminine and with the perfect fit."


Her tailoring techniques are evident through her collections and design practices. She has maintained the unmistakable feminine aesthetic and clean lines that have shaped her signature style in all her pieces.

Her passion for creating swimwear went beyond looking good, she wanted to make a difference by creating an ethical brand. Focusing on the social and environmental impact, always making sure that the pieces were made with quality fabrics and knowing the people behind the manufacturing. "Knowing where, how and who produces the brand is so important to me".